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World Map with Standard Time Zone Vector

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Free World Map with Standard Time Zone Vector

Finding a vector map free of cost is not difficult but here we are offering a world map with standard time zone vector and the fascinating part is that this map is 100% editable you can change the font, color theme and all. You can add the necessary details as per your requirement.

We have 24 different time zones in the world. Because the Earth rotates 360° every 24 hours, each time zone is 15° longitude apart from the other. (360÷24=15)

The Prime Meridian (Greenwich Meridian) defines the center of the first time zone in the world. This means the Prime Meridian time zone spans from 7.5°W to 7.5°E. Then, the next time to the east spans 7.5°E to 22.5°E.

We say vector graphics have “infinite” resolution because they never lose their quality, even if you zoom in on them indefinitely. This means that they are “resolution independent,” unlike pixel (raster) graphics, which depend heavily on the resolution of an image.

Similarly, We have made this map vector-based for good-quality of printing. We have designed this template professionally and the layer structure is also easy to understand. You can easily incorporate your data. 

This vector map design can be used by freelancers, graphic designers and almost all employees can use this. it can be downloaded for free. Yes, You will not have to pay a single penny to us. Just download it and use it as you like but don’t forget to share this platform in your circle.

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